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Aviation Committee Objectives 2013-2014

As a FYI, the FAA foresees $619 million sequestration cut 1 March. HLS Sec Janet Napolitano said to the Senate Appropriations Committee: “At major international airports, average wait times to clear customs will increase by 50%” Wait times at the busiest US airports are already 2 hours and could double and other domestic passenger wait times would increase by more than an hour.  (for comparison DoD is looking at $490 billion in automatic spending cuts.)

With these cuts in mind, ASA can play a role by advocating on behalf of the States back to the Federal Government.

  1. We need ASA members to voice back to Congress the impact of FAA budget decisions in their respective States.
  2. We need ASA member to voice back to Congress the positive or negative impact of Next Gen ATM deployment in their respective States.
  3. We need ASA member to voice back to Congress to impacts of FAA budgets and it impact of on rural Air Service and the Airport Improvement Program.

Brian Dubie, Chair