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New Committee Chair Appointed

Associate Member Bruce Olson has been appointed the Chair of the ASA Workforce Committee and Joel Leonard as Vice Chair.

Workforce Committee

ASA Workforce Committee

Statement of Purpose

Many challenges threaten the viability of the U.S. aerospace in the coming years.  For instance, the industry faces a tsunami of Baby Boomer retirements in the near future, particularly in the manufacturing sector.  Coupled with a reluctance of many young people to enter what is often perceived as a less than cool job, working in a factory, the U.S. aerospace manufacturing sector will face a significant skills shortage in touch labor.

An illustration of this comes from a 2011 survey of Connecticut manufactures by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association Education Foundation, the survey found that many firms had a difficult time filling vacancies for CNC programmers, CNC machinists, tool and die makers, and CAD/CAM technicians–and this is in a state with an established history of manufacturing and a vibrant aerospace sector.

The long term viability of the U.S. aerospace industry, which employs some 800,000 Americans and continues to be an engine of innovation, will be threatened unless we identify ways to fully develop and maintain our human capital.

To do this the ASA Workforce Committee seeks input from ASA members to not only identify critical problems affecting and sustaining the workforce, but also solutions to those issues, and, then, effective ways to disseminate those solutions.

Bruce Olson, Chair