Aerospace States Association to Conduct Hearing on FAA Reauthorization

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Written by ASA Administrator on March 13, 2007 – 12:00 pm

The Aerospace States Association NEWS

Contact: Charles Huettner
Phone: 202 257-4872


The Aerospace States Association (ASA) will conduct a hearing on March 13, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. in Room 2253 of the Rayburn House Office Building to understand the issues surrounding the reauthorization of the FAA and to develop a resolution to the Congress on behalf of the States.

ASA Chairman Vermont Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie says, “The States are the end users of the FAA’s services, so it is critical that we understand all the issues involved in keeping the existing aviation system functioning safely and efficiently while we transition to the next generation system. We are particularly interested in understanding the issues surrounding funding of the aviation system. The hearing will include presentations by members of Congress, the administration, and representatives of the affected user community. Testifying before the Lt. Governors and state delegates are:

Congressional Members

* The Honorable Mary Fallin, Member, House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure
* The Honorable John Mica, Ranking Member, House Committee on Transportation &


* The Honorable Thomas E. Petri, Ranking Member, House Subcommittee on Aviation


* Mr. Dan Elwell, Assistant Administrator of Aviation Policy, Planning, and Environment, Federal Aviation Administration


* Mr. Charles Barclay, President, American Association of Airport Executives
* Mr. Ed Bolen, President, National Business Aviation Association
* Mr. Roger Cohen, President, Regional Airline Association
* Mr. James C. May, President and CEO, Air Transport Association
* Mr. Henry Ogrodzinski, President and CEO, National Association of State Aviation Officials

ASA is a bi-partisan organization representative of the grass roots of American aerospace. It is a scientific and educational organization of Lieutenant Governors and Governor-appointed delegates. ASA was formed to promote a state-based perspective in federal aerospace policy development and to support state aerospace initiatives that enhance student/teacher education outreach and economic development opportunities. Currently chaired by Brian Dubie, Lieutenant Governor of Vermont, ASA maintains direct ties to the executive branches of state governments throughout the nation.

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