Twelve Lt. Governors Elected to Run Aerospace States Association

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Written by ASA Administrator on January 1, 2007 – 12:00 pm

The Aerospace States Association
Contact: LG Brian Dubie
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Twelve Lt. Governors Elected to Run Aerospace States Association
Group will shape new initiatives, heighten activity on states-based priority issues

The Aerospace States Association (ASA) has elected Vermont Lt. Governor Brian Dubie to serve as its Chairman for the next two years.

Dubie said, “ I am honored to serve as Chairman, and am delighted that eleven other Lt. Governors from eleven other states all around our nation have agreed to help lead the association.”

He continued, “ASA is becoming a major grass-roots force for improvements in aerospace policy and education throughout the country. This slate of officers and committee chairs will transform the association and raise states’ participation in important aerospace issues to a much higher level.”

The group’s top issues on behalf of the fifty states include R&D funding, workforce training, economic development in aerospace and aviation, excellence in math and science education in every state, and factors to keep states competitive in a global marketplace.

ASA’s new leadership team for 2007-2009 is as follows:

Chair: LG Brian Dubie, (R) Vermont

Vice Chairs:
* LG Jim Folsom, (D) Alabama
* LG Sean Parnell, (R) Alaska
* LG Bill Halter, (D) Arkansas
* LG Barbara O’Brien, (D) Colorado
* LG James “Duke” Aiona, (R) Hawaii
* LG Patrick Quinn, (D) Illinois
* LG Becky Skillman, (R) Indiana
* LG Tim Murray, (D) Massachusetts
* LG Catherine Baker Knoll, (D) Pennsylvania
* LG Andre Bauer, (R) South Carolina
* LG Brad Owen, (D) Washington

* Mr. Sal Sirabella, Pennsylvania

* Mr. Joe Renaud, Ohio

Aerospace R&D Committee:
* LG Duke Aiona, (R) Hawaii, Chair
* LG Tim Murray, (D) Massachusetts, Chair

Aviation Committee:
* LG Sean Parnell, (R) Alaska, Chair
* Dr. Bill Hiscock, Montana, Vice Chair

Education Committee:
* LG Barbara O’Brien, (D) Colorado, Chair
* Dr. Stephanie Wright, Delaware, Vice Chair

Membership Committee:
* LG Catherine Baker Knoll, (D) Pennsylvania, Chair
* Mr. Sal Sirabella, Pennsylvania, Vice Chair

Policy Committee:
* LG Patrick Quinn, (D) Illinois, Chair
* Ms. Janice Dunn, California, Vice Chair

Space Committee:
* LG Jim Folsom, (D) Alabama, Chair
* Mr. Jim Crisafulli, Hawaii, Vice Chair

Workforce Committee:
* LG Brad Owen, (D) Washington, Chair
* Mr. Joe Renaud, Ohio, Vice Chair

ASA is a bi-partisan organization representing the grass roots of American aerospace and aviation. It is a scientific and educational organization of Lieutenant Governors and Governor-appointed delegates. ASA was formed in 1989 to promote a state-based perspective in federal aerospace policy development and to support state aerospace initiatives that enhance student/teacher education outreach and economic development opportunities. ASA maintains direct ties to the executive branches of state governments throughout the nation.

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