Policy Committee Objectives 2013-14

I am certainly open to any ideas or other taskings that may come about as we move forward, but I believe the focus of the Policy Committee over the next couple of years is to develop ASA recommendations for a national innovation policy and a national aerospace policy.  These two priorities came about at our October meeting in Fort Worth and were discussed on last month’s telecon.  The intent is to develop clear, concise, and compelling recommendations that are widely supported by the ASA membership that we then forward to our members of Congress and ask for action.

A few people have contacted me after last month’s telecom volunteering to assist and I owe you getting a telecom set up.  Please let me know if anyone else would like to participate in the drafting efforts and I’ll include you in the telecom meeting notice.  We’ll have a few telecons between now and March to prepare drafts that we can then circulate to the membership before our next in person meeting in April at the National Space Symposium.   Ideally we’ll have broad consensus by April so we can use that meeting to discuss next steps.

Joe Rice, Chair


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